IMPOR­TANT INFORMATION-​Presentation Afternoon


Novem­ber 2021

Dear Par­ent /​Carer

On Wednes­day 17th Novem­ber we will be hold­ing our annual Pre­sen­ta­tion after­noon. As in pre­vi­ous years we will be hold­ing the event at the Win­ter Gar­dens, Mar­gate. It is an occa­sion when we can cel­e­brate the suc­cess of our stu­dents, reflect on past achieve­ments and look to the future for the stu­dents of King Ethel­bert School.

Stu­dents receiv­ing awards or help­ing in any capac­ity have already been asked to meet at the Win­ter Gar­dens at 9.00 am. They should go directly to the Win­ter Gar­dens and not come to school first. Stu­dents who are involved in the per­for­mances will also be required to meet at the Win­ter Gar­dens at 9.00 am for rehearsals. These stu­dents will need to remem­ber to bring a packed lunch and drink – stu­dents who are enti­tled to free school meals will be pro­vided with one. All other stu­dents will have nor­mal lessons, peri­ods 1 to 3. Morn­ing school will end at 12.15 pm and stu­dents will be trans­ported by coach to the Win­ter Gardens.

Pre­sen­ta­tion After­noon will com­mence at 2.00 pm and is expected to fin­ish at approximately

3.10 pm. Stu­dents will be dis­missed from the Win­ter Gar­dens. Stu­dents liv­ing in St Nicholas, Acol, Monk­ton, Min­ster and Sarre will be given a bus pass and will be trans­ported back to school, if they wish, in order to catch their usual bus home.

Par­ents of all other stu­dents are asked to ensure they are able to make their own way home from the Win­ter Gar­dens. If there are any par­tic­u­lar dif­fi­cul­ties with this please tele­phone Mrs Keam, Pupil Ser­vices Man­ager, at the school, on 01843 836366.

Parents/​carers of award win­ners have already been invited to the after­noon. All other parents/​carers are also most wel­come to attend this event. We are encour­ag­ing vis­i­tors to wear a mask if they are able to. Please note, how­ever, that in these uncer­tain times, we are con­tin­u­ally mon­i­tor­ing the local Covid sit­u­a­tion and if there are any changes to hold­ing this event face to face we will, of course, inform you of this.

I would like to thank you for your co-​operation and sup­port of what is a very impor­tant event for all at King Ethel­bert School.

Yours sin­cerely

Mrs V Willis