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Thumbs Up Award

Thumbs U200Every day, our stu­dents do some­thing to impress us, either help­ing another stu­dent or cheer­ing some­one (staff or another stu­dent) up when they are fit to burst or defus­ing a sit­u­a­tion. Gen­er­ally going the extra mile to help some­one.
The Thumb­sUp Award will be used to recog­nise these stu­dents. Their names will go on the School Web­site and they will receive a certificate.

Thumbs up to Cal­lum Simp­son — vol­un­tar­ily pick­ing up lit­ter from the Hawks House area and putting it into the rub­bish bags on Sports Day & Owen Sherred who helped all the other final­ists present their project smoothly even though he was com­pet­ing against them and finally thumbs up to Elliot Brun­skill for find­ing and hand­ing in some money today!