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Remem­brance 2014

200 poppyCon­grat­u­la­tions to the win­ners of the poetry com­pe­ti­tion. Ist place went to Noah Downs Brown 8SWI, 2nd place went to Daniel Rat­ten­bury 7LD and 3rd place went to Nathan Ged­des 7LD.

The Poppy by Noah Downs Brown

The poppy is the colour of blood
It is how we remem­ber the dead
For the ones who’s body’s, soaked in the mud
To make sure the enemy fled
We remem­ber the sol­diers who fought in that war
On this fate­ful Novem­ber day
We remem­ber the hon­our they fought for
They weren’t going to let the enemy get their way
It was Great Britain they protected
They fought the good fight
Together, they stood connected
And gave the enemy a fright
100 years have past since then
And we say ‘Thank you’ to all those brave men.

Remem­brance by Daniel Rattenbury

As the wars come and wars go,

As wars never end,

As the eerie silence echoes,

As we say good­bye to our friends.

The sol­diers so strong and brave,

Who fought so hard for our freedom,

For us their lives they gave,

To save the kingdom.

Fields of pop­pies blow in the breeze,

Where the British Tommy once stood,

All the action now a freeze,

The enemy is sur­ren­dered for good

What a won­der­ful camaraderie,

So we can be free.

Remem­brance by Nathan Geddes

A hun­dred years we mark this day

In a land filled with war

All the chil­dren run away

It makes a coun­try cold and poor

It shows the world of upset

A coun­try filled with disaster

This war has not ended yet

I have so many cuts but not a plaster

Run­ning a land of fear

This will not end

Why am I liv­ing here?

I will live not defend

Sun will fade away,

Our hearts we will not give away.