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Trip to Dover Castle

castle200pxThe visit was arranged to enable year 11 pupils to gather infor­ma­tion and carry out research that will enable them to answer the three ques­tions that make up their con­trolled assess­ment tasks.
Each pupil was issued with a work­book that encour­aged them to focus on the rel­e­vant fea­tures of the site.
Pupils explored the fol­low­ing phys­i­cal fea­tures of the site: the square stone keep, the fore­build­ing, the Roman Pharos, the Saxon church, the inner cur­tain wall, remains of the pre­his­toric fort, the medieval tun­nels and main entrances to the site. This involved a great deal of walk­ing up stairs and along steep tun­nels. A few com­plaints of aching legs could be heard through­out the day.
On the day of our visit we shared the site with mem­bers of a film crew who were prepar­ing for film­ing scenes from ‘Into the woods’, star­ring Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep, the fol­low­ing day. This pro­vided pupils with an extra inter­est for the day!