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Japan­ese IB Stu­dent Work

Our Japan­ese IB Stu­dents have been research­ing the art of cal­lig­ra­phy and its links to Japan­ese writ­ing. Pupils have been exper­i­ment­ing using black ink and paint brushes to pro­duce some fan­tas­tic images for their IB Lan­guage Portfolios.
They have also been mak­ing Zen Gar­dens, link­ing up sev­eral of the IB Learner Pro­file Attrib­utes. The over­all aim is to develop the idea of being inter­na­tion­ally minded, hav­ing a shared guardian­ship of the planet, and to cre­ate a bet­ter and more peace­ful world.
Miss C Crawford
MFL Depart­ment
Japanese collage