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V & A Museum Visit

head200pxWith an early start (the Yr 8 stu­dents were strug­gling with 8am to meet up) we embarked on the Human­i­ties trip to the V&A museum in Lon­don. The excite­ment seemed to reach fever pitch well before we actu­ally arrived at the museum with numer­ous sight­ings of famous land­marks and dif­fer­ent places. By the time we arrived the stu­dents were rar­ing to go. They were divided into 3 groups and each on rota­tion looked at dif­fer­ent parts of the museum from dif­fer­ent angles. They saw every­thing from Golden Bud­dhas to Ancient arte­facts, from try­ing on 18th Cen­tury clothes to study­ing Giant Medieval Car­toons and 5 hours flew by! The stu­dents had a great time and got a lot from their experience.