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Yr 7 T Shirt Project

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You will be aware your son/​daughter has now com­pleted two home­work projects, both of which have been a huge suc­cess. We would like to take this oppor­tu­nity to thank par­ents and car­ers for tak­ing the time to join us to cel­e­brate the pupils’ work on the ‘Travel’ project. This project style of learn­ing has allowed pupils to be both cre­ative and independent.

We are now look­ing for­ward to pupils pro­duc­ing and pre­sent­ing their final project of year 7, which encour­ages and pro­motes inde­pen­dent learning.

We have delib­er­ately given pupils very lit­tle infor­ma­tion regard­ing the out­come of their project, allow­ing pupils to explore, take risks and per­son­alise their learn­ing. Each pupil will be given a book­let which includes: impor­tant dates and dead­lines, lead­ing ques­tions, assess­ment cri­te­ria and some guid­ance on how to tackle the task. What pupils pro­duce and how they present it will be up to them.

If your child needs any resources or sup­port they must ask their tutor. The LRC will also be avail­able at lunch times and after school.

We thank you for your on-​going sup­port and look for­ward to see­ing many of you on the morn­ing of Mon­day 14th July when we plan to hold another project pre­sen­ta­tion event to cel­e­brate pupils’ work.