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Christ­mas Let­ter 2017

Let­ter to Parents

Christ­mas Din­ner 2017


Puf­fin Crossing

crossing 200

We are absolutely delighted that Kent County Coun­cil has funded and now com­pleted the Puf­fin cross­ing out­side King Ethel­bert School. The dan­ger to children’s lives with the sit­u­a­tion as it was caused a huge worry to our local com­mu­nity every day and thanks to the sup­port of stu­dents, par­ents, friends, KCC and Thanet Dis­trict Coun­cil we have finally got what we deserved. My par­tic­u­lar thanks go to Coun­cil­lor Suzanne Brimm for her relent­less cam­paign­ing, Kelly Gar­rett from Kent County Coun­cil who has been so pro­fes­sional and under­stand­ing in her deal­ings with us all and Adam Solly our own Direc­tor of Houses who has organ­ised school-​wide fund­ing and aware­ness events. Our stu­dents are taught road safety and we will con­tinue to have these vital lessons through­out their time at school but the build­ing of the Puf­fin cross­ing makes it so much eas­ier and safer for us all.”

GCSE Results 2017

King Ethel­bert School are cel­e­brat­ing another set of fab­u­lous GCSE grades this Molly200year with stu­dents mak­ing excel­lent progress at every level.

The new spec­i­fi­ca­tions in Eng­lish and Maths mean that it is impos­si­ble to make direct com­par­isons to last year’s results how­ever despite the rais­ing of the aca­d­e­mic bar over 50% of stu­dents at King Ethel­bert got a stan­dard pass or higher in Eng­lish and Maths.

The new 8 and 9 “grade” for Eng­lish and Maths is excep­tion­ally hard to achieve but sev­eral stu­dents attained this fig­ure in both sub­jects. The results clearly show the stu­dents made excel­lent progress dur­ing their time at King Ethel­bert School at what­ever start­ing point they had in year 7.

Kate Greig, Head­teacher, said “we are very proud of the achieve­ments of our Year 11 cohort who worked hard to get these excel­lent grades. We have fan­tas­tic staff who work hard to ensure suc­cess for each indi­vid­ual and both stu­dents and staff deserve a mas­sive amount of praise. This year the new spec­i­fi­ca­tions meant even greater things had to be done by the stu­dents but they rose to the chal­lenge. We are delighted by the out­comes that these stu­dents so thor­oughly deserve”.

These very good GCSE exam­i­na­tion results come on the back of the superb IBCP sixth form results the school achieved in July. King Ethel­bert School is one of the top per­form­ing schools in Kent and it’s aca­d­e­mic record is out­stand­ing year after year.

Vicky Willis, Deputy Head­teacher said “If the stu­dents work hard they achieve fan­tas­tic results because we have such an excel­lent staff team to make this hap­pen. It is a time or cel­e­bra­tion once again”.

Stu­dents who per­formed par­tic­u­larly well are:

Top per­form­ing stu­dents at King Ethel­bert School:

Molly Brace-​Traynor 2x9 1x8 3xA* 4xA

Juvina Amada-​Chan 1x8 2x6 4xA* 1xA 1XB

Ben­jamin Brown 1X8 2x6 1xA* 1xA 4xB 1xC

Isabelle Buck 1x8 1x7 1xA* 3xB 3xC

Lilly Dent 1x7 2x6 1x4 1xA* 3xB 2xC

Joseph Marsh 1x8 1x7 1x6 1xA* 4xA 2xB

Jacob Mid­dle­ton 1x7 1x6 1x5 1xA 5xB 1xC

Oliver O’Hare 1x7 2x5 4xA 2xB 1xC

Owen Pick­er­ing 1x7 2x6 2xA 1xB 3xC

Beth Waller 1x7 2x6 1xA* 2xA 2xB

Dusk Till Dawn

EDITED BLUR 200As dusk fell over King Ethel­bert School in Birch­ing­ton on Fri­day 16th June, 45 stu­dents from Eagles House and 6 mem­bers of staff began a marathon 12 hour ‘stay awake and lock-​in’ chal­lenge in the sports hall from 8pm until 8am the fol­low­ing morn­ing. Fol­low­ing the over­whelm­ing suc­cess of their KES to Paris exploits last year, stu­dents signed up once again for a phys­i­cal and men­tal chal­lenge, rais­ing money through spon­sor­ship for both Barnardo’s Children’s Char­ity and also in-​school projects being under­taken by Eagles House in the future. Dur­ing the twelve hours the stu­dents, who had been divided into four groups rotated every 15 minute peri­ods through four zones in the sports hall con­sist­ing of tram­polin­ing, dodge­ball, bas­ket­ball and a mind/​rest zone where they could com­plete brain-​training activ­i­ties or sim­ply eat, drink and catch a bit sleep. As dusk become night the ini­tial energy burst soon became a gru­elling task as the chil­dren and staff pushed on through the night, and even the delight of reach­ing the half-​way point was still met with the real­ity that it was still only 2am! Tired­ness kicked in for some from 5am onwards on Sat­ur­day morn­ing and even­tu­ally sleep for a few was inevitable, but over­all the chil­dren did excep­tion­ally well and were greeted by glo­ri­ous sun­shine as they left with par­ents escort­ing them home for some well deserved sleep and rest. Spon­sor money is still being col­lected but it is hoped that Eagles House will eas­ily exceed its fundrais­ing tar­get of £500. Any­one wish­ing to donate to this cause can do so by vis­it­ingwww​.just​giv​ing​.com/​f​u​n​d​r​a​i​s​i​n​g​/​k​e​s​-​e​a​g​l​e​s.

KES Pic­nic Area

We are pleased to announce that the Hawks House have suc­cess­fully com­pleted the first part of their project. The idea of cre­at­ing some pic­nic areas was first brought about by the stu­dents, through the Hawks school coun­cil and then approved at the senior school coun­cil meet­ing. From there the stu­dents have planned every step of the way to get what they want. The benches were sourced and donated by Ken­tish Projects Ltd, the stu­dents then got some­one to fix them and finally they painted them. Fur­ther­more, they have also sourced a giant out­doors umbrella, again from Ken­tish Projects Ltd, that will now be fixed into the ground over the sum­mer hol­i­days. The school would like to thank Ken­tish Projects Ltd for all of their help. A great suc­cess for the stu­dents, the house and the school. Well done Hawks house.

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